Ziwei Zhang
2018   yale university   mfa in graphic design
2013   mount holyoke college   ba (with honor) in studio art and social thought
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Ziwei Zhang
2018, Yale University, MFA in graphic design
2013, Mount Holyoke College, BA

mfa thesis---2018
'the ideal office'---video---2016
reinvent through process---book---2016
four existential exercises---book---2016
50 great paintings---book---2014
taboo: interface edition---game---2018
vague time---installation and website---2017
photo tip---exhibition installation---2018
'edward evans hall'---video---2016
'betsy tries to hide'---video---2016
'have you found a boyfriend today?'---video---2016
mfa thesis, 2018
empire, book, 2017
reinvent through process, book, 2016
50 great paintings, book, 2014
four existential exercises, book, 2016
taboo: interface edition, game, 2018
vague time, installation and website, 2017
phototip, exhibition installation, 2018
'movement', 2016
'edward evans hall', 2016
'betsy tries to hide', 2016
'the ideal office', 2017
'bonetrouble', 2017
'have you found a boyfriend today?', 2016